The CIPS will be accompanied by an exhibition which is well appreciated from the conference delegates. It gives all attendees and exhibiting companies enough space for networking.


DAICEL Corporation


We research and develop new materials to contribute not only our customer also people in the world.

We try to research and develop metal and ceramics as customer and market demands.

Our target is that supplying new materials for customer products and it makes people happy. 





The DOWA Group was founded in 1884 as a mining and smelting company. Harnessing its technologies and operational experiences in mining and smelting, we today operate unique sustainability-oriented businesses that range from the production of metals and high value-added products to waste treatment and metal recycling.

At DOWA Metaltech we develop and manufacture metal ceramic substrates that are indispensable for power electronics which convert and control high-voltage and high-current. We achieved a major share of the global market in the field of metal aluminum nitride ceramic substrates as our substrates are characterized by high heat dissipation, high reliability and high mechanical strength.

With Al-metalized substrates (ALMIC®) and Al-metalized Integrated Substrates, manufacture through aluminum bonding technology, we are able to offer substrates with integrated baseplates and integrated cooling structures, going beyond the limits of metal ceramic substrates.

By our original copper base material (DSC-3N) 30-50 % less baseplate warpage at substrate bonding compared to pure copper can be achieved. Since we produce copper/copper alloys by our own, we implemented an integrated production starting from casting to progressive baseplate processing which makes it possible to achieve both great cost performance and quality.

We, DOWA, are contributing to create an affluent, sustainability-oriented society through our worldwide business activities.


ECPE - The Industrial and Research Network for Power Electronics in Europe


ECPE European Center for Power Electronics e.V. was founded in 2003 on the initiative of leading power electronics industries as an industry-driven Research Network to promote education, innovation, science, research and technology transfer in the area of Power Electronics in Europe. In the meantime the network comprises more than 200 network members. The main objectives are pre-competitive research, education and advanced training as well as public relations for power electronics in Europe.

Fraunhofer IISB (2)

Fraunhofer IISB

Fraunhofer IISB (2)

The Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Systems and Device Technology IISB conducts applied research and development in the field of electronic systems for application in, e.g., electric mobility, aerospace, Industry 4.0, power grids or energy technology. In this connection, the institute uniquely covers the entire value chain - from basic materials to whole power electronic systems.

As part of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, the IISB does contract research for industry as well as public authorities. On that note it is the institute’s main objective to provide excellent research for its industrial partners and to set technological benchmarks as one of the leading research institutions in electronic systems. A tightly woven network build out of local and international partnerships and cooperations helps to carry these aims into effect. 

Fraunhofer IKTS

Fraunhofer IKTS

Fraunhofer IKTS

For more than 30 years, the Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems IKTS has been demonstrating the potential of ceramic materials in a steadily growing range of applications. Our development work is derived from the needs of the nine market-oriented business divisions – supplemented by strategic preliminary research at the highest scientific level.

It is our goal to develop complete system solutions and services, but also to solve specific challenges within the processes of our partners from industry and science. Our expertise in characterizing materials, components and systems along their life cycle provides us with a unique data pool to carry out new developments more efficiently and faster.

Pfarr Logo

PFARR Stanztechnik GmbH

Pfarr Logo

PFARR Stanztechnik GmbH is a globally active company based in Buttlar/Thuringia. Our subsidiary, PFARR Solder Preform (Changzhou) CO. Ltd. (www.pfarr.cn) has ensured our direct presence in China since 2014.

PFARR Stanztechnik GmbH core competence is the production of high-purity hard, soft and special solders as well as lead-free solders. As almost all alloys have been produced in-house for decades, our production is based on a wealth of metallurgical experience. The further processing of these metals into high-quality strips, foils, stamped parts, etc. requires additional know-how.

The wealth of expertise is complemented, who work together in our company, by transferring the processing techniques to other materials and the packaging of our products for optimum use in our customers' production processes.

PFARR Industrie Vorrichtungsbau e.K. (www.pfarr-piv.de) ensures with its high-quality toolmaking that we can implement specific customer requirements optimally and flexibly.

This company in the Pfarr- family designs punching and bending tools for us in almost any desired geometry and dimension. 

A large vertical range of manufacture, combined with specific expertise many years of experience: this is the basis for high-quality products „Made in Germany“at reasonable prices. Highest satisfaction of our business partners - Customers and suppliers, this goal is the constant motivation for the employees of PFARR Stanztechnik GmbH.

Power intergrastions inc

Power integrations

Power intergrastions inc

Power Integrations, Inc. is a leading innovator in semiconductor technologies for high-voltage power conversion. The company’s products are key building blocks in the clean-power ecosystem, enabling the generation of renewable energy as well as the efficient transmission and consumption of power in applications ranging from milliwatts to megawatts. For more information, please visit power.com.

Schunk Carbon Technology GmbH

Schunk Carbon Technology GmbH

Schunk Carbon Technology GmbH

Schunk Carbon Technology

The Schunk Group is a global technology company. The company is a leading supplier of products made of high-tech materials – such as carbon, technical ceramics, and sintered metal – as well as machines and systems – from environmental simulation to air conditioning technology and ultrasonic welding to optics machines. The Schunk Group has around 9,200 employees in 26 countries and generated a turnover of 1.4 billion euros in 2022. The company is divided into ten different Business Units. In the fast lane with innovative strength – as a component and development partner to the automotive industry, we provide mobility with components for power transmission and with tribologically highly resilient slide bearing and sealing elements made of carbon graphite, graphite, and silicon carbide. With several hundred million carbon brushes per year in electric motors for starters, fans, petrol pumps and window regulators, we are the global leader.

With its highly specialized Thermal Management portfolio, Schunk Carbon Technology a division of the Schunk Group, offers innovative materials for effective thermal management.

Aluminium Graphite is a metal matrix composite that is the material of choice jigs or fixtures for flux-free soldering processes.

Schunk Carbon Technology’s Aluminium Graphite (ALG) is available in a range of different material grades. They all exhibit a well-adapted coefficient of thermal expansion, high thermal conductivity, and low density.

Aluminium Graphite soldering jigs and fixtures allow for a better thermal performance compared to steel and titanium, and an improved mechanical durability and stiffness compared to graphite.

Teledyne LeCroy

Teledyne LeCroy

Teledyne LeCroy

Teledyne LeCroy is a leading provider of oscilloscopes, protocol analyzers and related test and measurement solutions that enable companies across a wide range of industries to design and test electronic devices of all types. Since our founding in 1964, we have focused on creating products that improve productivity by helping engineers resolve design issues faster and more effectively.

Oscilloscopes are tools used by designers and engineers to measure and analyze complex electronic signals in order to develop high-performance systems and to validate electronic designs in order to improve time to market. Protocol analyzers are tools used by designers and engineers to generate and monitor traffic over high speed serial data interfaces, including DDR, PCI Express, Fibre Channel, Serial ATA, SAS, USB and others. Both products are critical in the development of a wide variety of demanding design applications.

We utilize both of these important product areas in combination to tackle the most demanding serial data test applications, offering tailored solutions to help our customers perfect their chips, interfaces, subsystems and products which utilize these important communications standards. With the explosion in the use of serial data communications technologies in semiconductors, between devices on circuit boards and between computers and peripherals, we are aimed at a growing and important market.

Our oscilloscopes offer a powerful combination of large and informative displays combined with advanced waveshape analysis capabilities typically tailored to enhance the productivity of engineers in specific applications areas such as serial data test, disk drive test and automotive bus analysis.


ZES Zimmer Electronic Systems GmbH


ZES ZIMMER Electronic Systems GmbH is the sole high-tech company world-wide exclusively dedicated to high-precision power analysis.
For more than four decades, power analyzers have been devised, developed, manufactured and sold to customers around the globe from
ZES ZIMMER’s corporate headquarter in Oberursel (Frankfurt)/Germany.

Exhibition plan

Order of Exhibition:

  1. Pfarr
  2. Power integrations
  3. Schunk Carbon Technology GmbH
  4. InfraTec (not yet confirmed)
  5. DOWA HD
  6. Teledyne
  7. ZES GmbH
  8. Fraunhofer IKTS
  9. ECPE
  10. mdexx
  11. Fraunhofer IISB

Become an exhibitor !

  • Take advantage one 1:1 discussions, of interaction be manufacturers, producers, and decision makers.
  • Place your company on the first stage, by creating a communication area during the coffee and lunch breaks as well as during the Get Together.
  • select the best place for your booth in the Atrium and directly in the catering area.
  • Benefit from our networking opportunities and media conception of the conference.

Exhibition Package

  • Exhibition booth size: 3 m x 2 m (bigger booth can be also possible)
  • Electricity 230 V, 16 A
  • Tables (1,80 m x 0,40 m) and chairs
  • One conference free pass included.
  • Logo on the webpage, App and conference program
  • WiFi Access

Price: 1600€  (+VAT)

Cancellation Deadline: free of charge (two months before event start). The cancellation has to be in written form.

general information

General information for exhibitors

general information

Additional bookings such as electricity, booth furnitures, booth cleaning, pinboards aso can be ordered separately.

We recommend to contract an insurance for dammages and loss.

Exhibitors have to respect the general rules of the venue during the event days.